Refinance & Robo-Investing

Refinance Finalized

My house refinance is finally completed. We finalized at 3.37%.

If I would have paid down to 3.25% it would have only saved 11$ a month and it would have cost ~$900. So it would have taken me 6+ years to recover that amount and was not worth it.

I had to pay the escrow account up front for taxes that come out in November and the yearly insurance that comes out in October. So I’ll be getting a check back from old lender with what I’ve already paid in old escrow account.

I haven’t heard much about the new lender but we’ll see how they do, and I hope they have a lot of online tools & calculators like my previous lender did.

Betterment vs. Wealthfront (Early Tests).

betterment_logo_vertical       wealthfront-logo

Back in July I added 5k to each Betterment and Wealthfront to give robo-investing a try.

I get a discount with both companies through work so the fees are minimal or non-existent (up to a certain amount).

The market has been pretty volatile the last few months but I got a good idea of which service performed better in that short period of time: Wealthfront.

Up until last week I was sitting at about 8% return with Wealthfront and 4% return with Betterment.

Granted after 3 months this means nothing, but I did set the accounts up as mirrored as possible (high risk or 100% stocks where possible).

Wealthfront takes a couple more business days for money transfer so there is a downside to using them.

It also gives me a good idea which funds they use to invest so later on I can do it myself with Vanguard.

While I’m not paying either of them hardly any fees, I’ll probably keep using them to see what they can do for me.


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