A change that is challening

The Early Speed Bumps

So last week I started this blog. I gave myself a goal that I’m very passionate about. I want to be Financially Independent and Retire Early, and want to do this within 13 years.

Now, I have to buckle down and make the changes that are required to meet my goal.

I’ve been reading several Financial Independence Blogs, reading reddit/r/financialindependence, checking my numbers, and calculating what I’m going to need to achieve my goals.

The numbers are in (which I’ll share in a later post) and they are very daunting.

There are some significant speed bumps. Current spending habits, my mortgage, and my future plans during retirement that are going to make my goal challenging.

It is disheartening, but the end goal….what I truly wish…is to retire early. There will of course be sacrifices in order for me to achieve this goal.

It’s going to be challenging, but I am committing myself to this goal. After all, it’s MY life and I’ll be getting an extra 15 years that are MINE.



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