I’m 33 and want to be F-I-R-E!

The Goal

For those who don’t know, F.I.R.E. stands for Financially Independent & Retiring Early.

Think about that for a second….

Wouldn’t you LOVE to not have to work anymore and live the rest of your days however you choose?

To be financially independent and able to retire early seems like just a day dream for most people. Similar to glancing at the powerball sign, the thought of retiring early is just a “What if” for them.

In this consumer driven society, where commercials shove in your face all the things you need to buy just to be able to survive, it’s a hard pill to swallow that people could even afford to save enough retire early.

Guess what? There are tons of people who have done it already, including bloggers like Mr. Money Mustache and 1500days.

Everyone’s situation is different and I can’t compare my goals to theirs exactly, but they have inspired me to create a goal for myself and GO FOR IT!!!

My goal is simple: I want to retire within 13 years.


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